170905 GOT7’s new Japan album + Jackson’s halt in Japanese promotions


Following “Hey Yah”, the 2nd mini album “TURN UP” will be released on 15 November! Demonstrating the theme of their latest single “MY SWAGGER” of aiming for greater heights, GOT7 held their own 2-day concert at the National Yoyogi Stadium 1st Gymnasium. The new mini album is one that you will be able to see their further growth. The title song “TURN UP” is written, composed and produced by leader JB. While the members have written, composed and produced songs so far, this is the first time in GOT7’s history that a member has produced the title song. Showcasing JB’s growth in music, this is an energetic song with the message of “improving oneself”. In addition, in the first edition of the mini album version B – D, it will be the first time GOT7 is trying out having songs in different units. In the various units, there will be songs that will let you feel their charms and individuality as artistes!! Please also look forward to the GOT7 Japan Tour 2017 “TURN UP” starting in November!!



Important Notice Regarding GOT7’s Member

Thank you for always supporting GOT7.
This is notice regarding GOT7’s member Jackson.
Having considered GOT7’s Jackson’s own views that it is necessary to adjust the schedule in the future as well as to take care of his health condition, it has been decided that he will not participate in the Japan activities hereafter (this will not apply to the recording and filming that has already been completed).
Regarding this matter, there have been repeated discussions, and it is with regrets that this is the decision we have arrived at.
Except for special occasions, the activities of GOT7 in Japan in the future, such as releases and concerts, will be of 6 people.
We seek your kind understanding.
GOT7 will continue to work hard in Japan as 6 people.
We hope for your continued support for GOT7’s activities in Japan.

Regarding Jackson not participating in GOT7 Japan Tour 2017 “TURN UP”, arrangements are made for those who wish to receive a refund. For those who were looking forward to Jackson’s performance, we are very sorry. Thank you for your understanding.


Source GOT7 Japan