170831 GOT7 Jackson, towering high as a solo artist in China… First place in local charts for 5 consecutive days


GOT7 Jackson has showed off his popularity in China with high placings on music and music video charts through his solo song that was released in China.

On the 26th, Jackson’s solo song ‘PAPILLON’ was released in China and secured first place on the biggest music site, QQ Music, and went on to cruise in that spot for 5 consecutive days. After releasing the MV on the 29th in China, he is first on Sina Weibo’s Asia’s chart and recorded a high spot on YinYueTai’s popular MV chart as well.

Not only in China, but he has swept first place on the hip hop iTunes charts in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines etc, showing off his solo artist status in both China and Asian countries.

In addition, together with the release of his solo song, Jackson was on the main page of popular overseas hip hop and entertainment site, WorldstarHipHop, attesting to his popularity.

Through the latest V Live, GOT7 members sent their support messages for Jackson’s solo song, showing off their warm friendship.

GOT7 are not only active in group promotions but they are also showing off the team’s synergy by being active in units and solos. Domestically, JB and Jinyoung reunited as JJ Project after 5 years, securing a high spot in Mnet’s Weekly chart and selling over 110,000 albums according to Gaon’s record.

Source X Sports News