170818 Tencent sports interviews Jackson prior to the upcoming Super Penguin All Star Match


The Tencent Sports second Super Penguin All Star Match will be kicked off in Shanghai on 10th September. The fencing little prince Wang Jia Er who has a very high popularity in the entertainment circle also did not let go of this chance. He joined the blue team and became part of the Super Penguin All Star Match.

Wang Jia Er who once won the Asia Youth Men’s 17-year-old group category sabre individual gold medal, has a very outstanding gift for sports and basketball is also one of his most favourite sport. But as for his basketball skills, Wang Jia Er is noncommittal.

Wang Jia Er will be participating in the All Star Match

Facing the reporter’s question, Wang Jia Er replied perfunctorily: “Actually what I want to tell you is, whether you like something or whether you are good at something, it is two different things. Hahaha.”

But towards his own campus basketball career, Wang Jia Er feels very proud. Wang Jia Er says: “When I was young I would play basketball in school, it’s actually a very cool thing to play ball at the court. The basketball court is below, and in the teaching building next to it from the 1st to 5th floor there would be girls looking. Then I would think that I’m very handsome. I would think that the whole world is looking at me, but actually I also know that no one is looking. Because when I was young, those people who played basketball in school all had very high popularity so I started to come in contact with basketball.”

Then for the Wang Jia Er who likes basketball since he was little, who is his idol in the NBA?

Wang Jia Er said: “ I liked Iverson a lot since I was young, regardless whether he was at the 76ers or Denver Nuggets. As long as he has been to that team, I will like the team too. For my jersey number I chose number 7, 7 is my lucky number.”

Unfortunately, Iverson could not appear and play at the All Star Match. But playing with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen in the same match already got Wang Jia Er very excited: “Wow, so great! One a 3 pointer king, one an all-round player. I like these two players a lot, I like them very much when they were in Celtics. I think this is like my basketball dream come true. I think after playing this match I can retire from the basketball court, (I) don’t have to play anymore.”

Wang Jia Er who always has a good psychological quality*, does not have any demands for his own performance in the match.

“Me? I’ll just play, play well~” it’s really the typical Wang Jia Er style.

Having said that, Wang Jia Er seized the opportunity again to talk about his glorious past: “I was in the school team. But it’s been 7 years since I played basketball and since I had a real competition. During the competition then, I was also the shooting guard. Because I am short, so I’ve no choice. Who told me not to listen to my parents and ate so many things when I was young. Only once, I capped the opposing team’s 1.9 m center from the back. When he was getting ready to dunk, I capped him from the back and the audience exclaimed. That day, I got a dozen of points just from the first two quarters of the game.

Wang Jia Er who’s new here, takes the All Star Match very seriously. Although the competition is a month away, but Wang Jia Er has already started practicing.

“I went to train once at where Kris Wu trains, after not playing for 7 years I need to go practice for a bit. For a shooting guard, the shooting posture is more important. It’s very hard to enter the inner line and they shoot mostly at the outer line so the shooting posture must be good. I’m practicing already, I’m really practicing very hard. But everyone, please don’t look forward to it,” Looks like Wang Jia Er still hasn’t fully recovered his confidence.

*Meaning he is still able to deliver that level of skill in stressful situations. Mentally strong.

Source 腾讯体育