170818 Jackson lends his voice to the theme song of Novoland The Castle In The Sky (mobile game)


<Novoland The Castle In The Sky 3D> has announced officially today that the all-rounded popular boy Wang Jia Er will be the singer of the first released theme song, making both Wang Jia Er fans and Novoland The Castle In The Sky players excited!

Wang Jia Er, who’s born in 1994, shows more of his lively and quirky style in front of the camera. Using his cute and lovely personality, he advances in the entertainment world triumphantly. But Jia Er, who was born with a natural sense of variety, always wanted to let people understand his musical side. Singer GaGa’s insistence about music and the seriousness behind the variety GaGa, every side has infinite charm. In the future, Jia Er will challenge the film industry, and will work hard to grow into an all-round artist. Working with <Novoland The Castle In The Sky 3D> this time, it’s Wang Jia Er first time trying the beautiful and affectionate classical genre. He breaks away from the Hiphop genre that he’s good at and becomes a sexy gentleman. Jia Er will meet the fans with a breakthrough image, presumably such an affectionate look is also something that everyone have never seen before.

This time, <Novoland The Castle In The Sky 3D> invites Wang Jia Er to sing for their theme song, which has the same name as the game. Other than fancying variety GaGa’s super high popularity, they also recognise Singer GaGa’s absolute ability. The fans familiar with Jia Er also know that this is his first time singing for a mobile game theme song, and to that they have expressed their great expectations. Wang Jia Er also expressed that when he received the invitation to sing for <Novoland The Castle In The Sky 3D>’s theme song, his first reaction was surprise. Regarding the collaboration this time, Jia Er seems unusually excited and serious. When recording the song, his scrutiny towards the lyrics and the details in each part, showed his super high attainment as a professional singer.

When he was singing the song “Novoland The Castle In The Sky,” Wang Jia Er who’s attempting the beautiful and affectionate style for the first time, showed unprecedented seriousness. The theme song “Novoland The Castle In The Sky” uses the melodious tunes and lyrics with a sentimental attachment to narrate the story of how a domineering gentleman, for the sake of the one he loves, is willing to change himself at all cost and dedicate himself. Just as the lyrics sing “stepping through the rain with you/holding you as it ends/ putting aside (my) unyielding character/turning into poetry/ recording the rest of the life”.** Jia Er uses the beautiful OST to express the love and thankfulness he always had towards all the fans and gamers. Jia Er also expressed that he hopes that by using this song, he can bring everyone into the beautiful fantasy Novoland The Castle In The Sky to look at all the beautiful scenery of Novoland and appreciate Novoland’s mountains and rivers.

It is reported that the making of the theme song sang by Wang Jia Er will be released in the recent days. Those who like Jia Er, keep an eye on the <Novoland The Castle In The Sky 3D>’s latest news!

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**The lyrics sound poetic in chinese but really makes no sense in english so please pardon me



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