170817 Jinyoung’s post on Fan’s: Babies


Hello babies, ahgases, it’s Jinyoung. I completed M Countdown safely and it’s right before we head for the fansign. We’re filming JJ Diary now too. With this text I’m writing now and the diary that will be released later, please observe carefully with your two eyes on what/how various (things) I’m doing. Sour….?* I guess I wanted to eat 아이셔**…. (Alright.. My words are becoming weird again…) Anyway it’s raining right now. Be careful and be careful again of catching the cold… Please listen to Tomorrow, Today lots. (Really random..) I’m going to prep now. Bye

*Right at the sentence before this, Jinyoung ended off his word with a different spelling and that spelling spells out the word ‘sour’ when taken apart.
** 아이셔 is a super sour Korean chewing candy.