170801 Youngjae’s post on Fan’s: It’s Youngjae! 


Everyone, I said that I would turn it off the minute it has 70,000 viewers, so it’s not that I was being impolite, I was just keeping to my promise; so there were 70,000 viewers you (shouldn’t) leave,,,,, It makes me sad, wouldn’t it.* Everyone, eat your meals well. Just now there was a heat wave warning on my handphone, please take care everyone, drink lots, drink just a little of coffee and go eat samgyetang
I’m going to eat too hehehehe hehehehehehehe
Fight fire with fire ke
Our beloved ahgases, you need to head out and support our JJ hyungs so it might be hard on you, fighting always! The rest of us GOT7 members too will cheer them on lots~ We will cheer on the ahgases who are there to cheer them on too~ Cheering on the world, world peace
We are preparing diligently too, soon we will all return so everyone let’s fighting together and have strength !!

Note: (*) I think it means that fans were leaving the v app as soon as it hit 70,000 so he could continue the v app but it would make him look like he was being impolite as he shut off the stream immediately thus the ‘sadness’. This is just my thoughts though.