170801 JJP, race with Wanna One? Jinyoung, “A really cool team. Each team has its own charms”


JJ Project, a unit group for GOT7 who released their new song ‘Tomorrow, Today’ on the 31st, revealed their thoughts on the overlapping promotion period with Wanna One’s debut.

On the interview held on the 1st, JJ Project were asked on their thoughts about the competition with Wanna One.

JJ Project’s Jinyoung said, “I think Wanna One is a really cool team. The album we JJ Project released this time round is an album done to be GOT7’s stepping stone. Although number 1 is important, this is not an album that was made with winning first place in mind. I hope that through this album, we hear acknowledgement of GOT7 once again developing. The people from other group are cool too. I think that we each are able to show off different charms musically.

JJ Project also think that this new album, Verse 2, could be the flares to GOT7’s new promotions.

Jinyoung added, “JJ Project’s album could also be a different starting point for GOT7. JJ Project is a representative of GOT7 so we are first showing the possibilities music-wise. In all of the 8 songs in this album, JB hyung and I participated in (composition/writing). We both wanted to show that we could personally show/talk about our own stories.”

Source Sportsq