170801 JJP “Looking at each other for choreo, we looked at each other’s nose”


JJ Project sat down for an interview with fnstar on the 1st and spoke about ‘Tomorrow, Today’ choreography.

On this day, Jinyoung spoke about the choreography in which they mirror each other, “We pondered over whether we wanted to include this choreography.” JB added, “There’s a part where we look at each other and dance, it was hilarious so during practice, we couldn’t do it properly.” Jinyoung continued, “We ended up looking at each other’s nose,” he ended laughing.

Talking about the difference comparing to GOT7’s performances, JB said, “It’s the first time that I was not sweating after the end of the showcase. A choreography was decided on but we thought that we needed to include a lot of emotions in it. That part is new.”

Removed summary of Verse 2 album.

Source fnnews