170801 JJP JB “Use of GOT7 songs in PD101? Thank you”


JJ Project JB revealed his thoughts on GOT7’s hit songs receiving love.

Talking about GOT7 songs being songs of selection in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, JB said, “I don’t really watch TV so I didn’t get to watch the broadcast but I heard about it. I did think that many people would be choosing BTS songs so I’m thankful (that GOT7 songs were chosen).”

He added, “I was amazed that people knew our songs and the fact that they thought they needed to do a GOT7 song meant that they watched our stages and there were aspects of it they had to acknowledge (praise). I’m thankful that there are such aspects.”

Removed summary of Verse 2 album.

Source Sports Hankooki