170801 JJP JB “Mark pondered over our direction with us”


This is a combination of 2 articles related to GOT7.

JJ Project showed off the tight friendship GOT7 has.

Talking about the members’ reaction, JB said, “They liked it really definitely.” Jinyoung added while laughing, “It seems like everyone is an old time fan of JJ Project.”

JB added, “Mark also pondered along with us on the direction we should take. No one responded in jealousy or negativity. When we gathered all the songs together and let them listen to it, they said it was good/they liked it.”

Jinyoung continued, “Pretty soon we will be able to show you (promotions) as a group; we are currently gathering several songs. Even as we JJ Project make a comeback, the other members are not just resting. What we’re really thankful about is as we promote, the other members are receiving lessons in order to develop themselves. With even the younger ones being like that, the thought that we cannot do things negligently comes to mind.”

Removed summary of Verse 2 album.

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