170731 Jackson for Pepsi X Bazaar Men



In #Wang Jia Er##Generation 2#MV, @Wang Jia Er announced to his world his #Live for Now# forward looking attitude. He’s #Pepsi’s multi-talented youth# composer type singer/ variety hosting/ B-box/ fencing athlete. He uses skateboard and bicycle to cross unusual roads; uses his bag pack to carry his determination to start anew and the courage to be adventurous; using the baseball cap and shades to show his unique character; the canvas shoes on his legs never stopped walking. #Play around with Pepsi Cola concept store, not only is it Pepsi cola# “Pepsi concept store” is Pepsi’s first online fashion culture experience room. Pepsi specially invites design genius Percy Lau, new and independent designer Guan Ze, fashion brand Hui Li and well know designer Yang Ming Jie to make the limited prizes, and lead the changing trend. Never ending playing around, owning something limited, dare to try. Hurry use your pepsi caps and log onto Pepsi concept store to win the items. This summer, the distance between you and the limited items are only a pepsi away!

Source 芭莎男士