170728 Jackson participating in 2017 Super Penguin Basketball All Star Game


#Super Penguin Basketball All Star Game# revealing the true identities of the players,did you guess correctly?They are all here!@Kris Wu @PaulPierce @RayAllen  @Dong Da Li @Wang Jia Er @Jiang Jinfu @Yuan Hong @Guo Ai Lun @Da Peng Dong Cheng Peng @Zhang Feng Yi @AllenSu @Zhang Zhe Han #red blue star ward# is starting, two sides confronting. Who’s suitable for the energetic and passionate red team? Who belongs to the low key and intelligent blue team? Who do you hope to be team mates with? The pre-sale has begun. repost this weibo and guess who’s in which camp with the hashtage #Super Penguin Basketball All Star Game# #red blue star war),pre match 3v3 VIP activity’s entrance rights is waiting for you to come get it!Come and get moving with your favourite team!@Tencent NBA

*it will take place 10th September at Shanghai, Oriental Sports Center

Source 腾讯体育