170726 Jackson to participate in Pepsi’s Eating Drinking Hunks live


Still haven’t gotten enough of last year’s “Lin Gengxin’s private party’s” honey ribs and braised prawns. This year @Lin Gengxin chef is coming up with something new. Inviting @Zhang Yi Shan @Wang Jia Er to form the “eating drinking hunks group”, starting a satisfying gathering with a feast! 29th July 7pm (CST) , Pepsi gathers 3 big hunks. What kind of sparks will they produce? Tell Pepsi, are you guy looking forward to it? #Xiao xin Yi shan Jia ER eating drinking hunks# ​​​​

*This will be aired on Tencent Video live. (腾讯视频直播)

Source 百事中国