170712 Pepsi China release Jackson’s Generation 2 MV


Yin Yue Tai’s introduction to Generation 2 and it’s MV

Wang Jia Er’s newest composed single “Generation2” MV is coming out hot. This song has a dynamic tempo, a forward mindset, declaring to the world the forward “Live For Now” attitude of the new Generation 2 youths. The MV plays around with the lighting – dynamic blue, passionate red, blurred black and pure white. The blending between the colours and lights shows his diverse character and extraordinary charm.

In the MV, Wang Jia Er appears as a fencing athlete and a dancer respectively, portraying his dreams at different times. The fencing athlete’s steps are agile and the dancer’s moves are cool. Coordinating it with the dynamic rhythm and flashing lights, the change happens naturally in various settings. What is worth a mention, is that no matter whether is it choreographing the dance or the production of the MV, Wang Jia Er participated in the whole process and took care of it by himself.

Watch the full MV here now!

Source Yin Yue Tai