170628 GOT7’s acquaintance writes about her joy and pride in GOT7


I’ve always wanted to go to a GOT7 concert in Japan at least once. They are a group that I like and they have always been friends who have a lot of talent. After watching to Yoyogi concert on Saturday, more so than anything else, I became embarrassed of myself after watching the video that Bammie produced. The composition of the video, the filming and even the editing, how did all 3 aspects fit each other so perfectly… I think I really focused on it and watched it.
And looking at the completely filled Yoyogi hall, seeing how these friends that I’ve been looking over since their rookie days till now do well, I feel really proud and they’re suave; afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find my way on the way of the concert, they contacted me, asking if I’ve arrived and worried about me. When I bought their albums, (these) GOT7 who have a lot of affection, were extremely happy. Looking at these kids who have become superstars, I think I should stop teasing them…  You’ve been running/charging forward all these while, rest well and I’m anticipating the upcoming summer, fall and next year. – When I take pictures with the handsome kids, inevitably I step back

Note: She works in the TV department of KBS.

Source smjocelyn