170623-170627 Go Fridge updates


#GoFridge @HeJiong and @WangJiaEr what did the two of you see?[憧憬]I want to know too!! ​​​​

#GoFridge Sharing with you the pair of brothers who looks great even when making funny faces. Your @HeJiong and your @WangJiaEr, the two rising stars of good looks and acting cute. [笑cry] ​​​​

#GoFridge Book of memories:
I want to be with the Go Fridge family forever. [笑而不语]There is a kind of friendship called #HeErMeng[并不简单]@WangJiaEr @HeJiong[害羞][害羞] ​​​​

#GoFridge It seems like @CaoJinYun has reached a small peak in his career, even the guy @WangJiaEr who is helping him put on his clothes is so good looking,[围观] Zhang Shao Gang must be thinking, don’t burst my jacket![阴险] ​​​​

#GoFridge Question time is here: the 3 pairs of emcee below, tell me who do you like best! I want to hear their name!! [憧憬]@HeJiong @WangJiaEr @XieNa @ChenHe[害羞] ​​​​

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