170618 Jinyoung sends his support to fellow Inkigayo MCs


Out of the SBS Inkigayo MCs, the second person to make a comeback is Doyoung.

An Inkigayo representative said, “On the broadcast on 18th June, Doyoung out of MC JinJiDo – Jinyoung, Jisoo and Doyoung – will be making a comeback as NCT 127. Previously in March, Jinyoung made a comeback as GOT7 and following that, it’s been 3 months since an Inkigayo MC made a comeback (as a group). Next in line would be Jisoo as BLACKPINK.”

MCs JinJiDo congratulated each other on their comeback and showed off a close friendship. Jinyoung, whom has schedule overseas and regretfully cannot be with Doyoung for his comeback called Doyoung ‘magnae-ng-ie’ while calling Jisoo ‘Jisoo hyung’ as their nicknames; “Magnae-ng-ie fighting and Jisoo hyung fighting!!!!! Why do you come back when I’m not around… It’s regretful but I’m cheering you on from a far,” sending them support messages.


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Source Newsen