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My brother Cai Kang Yong   Thank you for letting me realise again that I should live life with no regrets. I am who I am. We are who we are. #CaiKangYong #DidisDream #WangJiaEr #YouWhoBelongToMe

The post Jackson RTed:

@CaiKangYong: I have a story that I want to tell you, a story about living your life with no regrets, I made the story into a movie “Didi’s Dream”, and I found a girl who is full of story to act in the movie… @XiaoS #WhenXiaoSWasYoung

Note: Cai Kang Yong is a famous Taiwanese host who just directed a movie “吃吃”的爱 (Chi Chi De Ai, Didi’s Dream). He appeared on episodes 1 and 2 of Go Fridge Season 3.


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