170518 GOT7 Mark, working hard away from cameras… Uee’s compliment “Similar to Kim Byeongman”


GOT7 Mark has ascended as being similar to Kim Byeongman.

On the first episode of ‘Law of the Jungle – Wild New Zealand’ that will be aired on the 19th, GOT7 Mark’s active role in the constructing of a shelter for their first night is to be anticipated.

Mark took the initiate and set an example by gathering and transporting the firewood nearby; he also earned compliments from Chief Byeongman for his thorough preparation in bringing all types of survival tools. Even when standing is hard in the strong winds that were blowing at 130km/h, he worked hard endlessly.

Uee, whom watched Mark silently work hard disregarding the cameras, she praised him and said, “He’s really like Byeongman oppa.” Chief Byeongman said to Mark, “You move so much when the cameras aren’t around. Later on when you watch the show, (compared to the amount of work you do, the airtime would be significantly lesser), and it’ll feel unfair,” smiling to himself while giving affectionate advice to Mark who is similar to him.

‘Law of the Jungle – Wild New Zealand’ in which the activeness of ‘super maknae’ GOT7 Mark, whom made fans proud even all the way in the jungle, will air on the 19th at 10PM.

Source: Sports Chosun