170428 Jackson wishes He Jiong a happy birthday


The birthday that’s just nice 1 month later than mine! On the April 28th!

Dearest He Jiong hyun @he jiong! Happy birthday!
1 year passed so quickly like this! In no time another year will pass again, time passes so fast
Because happy times are always short
(You guess didn’t expect that I would use this phrase right)

I still remembered hyung’s birthday last year! We were still filming fresh sunday!
I remember that I was still blonde that time! ️️
(Because the color of my hair faded so it became gold colour😑)
He Jiong hyung who always took care of me from the start, Go Fridge till now
Hyung that is teaching me very patiently and slowly
Hyung that didn’t despise me since the times when I had nothing!
Thank you my hyung! I will love you forever my hyung
You must stay healthy! Happy!
Hyung really! Happy birthday!
We are He Er Meng

Really sorry hyung I really couldn’t find photos…😑
Didn’t take photos today too, I really regret it

#wang jia er##he jiong hyung happy birthday##you who belong to me##it’s my he jiong hyung’s birthday##he er meng##4/28##really got no photos##sorry#