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Good Bye Australia🇦🇺
(With my boy @randywongg)

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Thank you so much in (making) me win #1 with a song I made!! You’re/It’s always precious and I’ll work harder! I hope all of you enjoy the song! Also, everyone, health is priority! ❤️🙌


I am very happy that the song that I composed is able to achieve number 1! Feeling every moment, working even harder! Hope everyone can enjoy this song! Also hope that everyone put their health as first priority! ❤️🙌


It’s an honor to receive first place with my own song ! Enjoy every moment and work harder! I hope everybody enjoys my song! At the same time, A healthy body comes first! Take care!❤️🙌


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All of you who belong to me! Have you watched today’s Go Fridge? Don’t pretend! If you didn’t watch it, raise your hands! Tell me honestly! It’s alright! Watch it if you have time then!😋 Today we’ve got The cute Angela dongsaeng! And the handsome An Ji dongsaeng that is here! Hope you guys continue to listen to your parents! Your parents are having a hard time! You must be filial to your parents! You must drink more milk!🍼 Eat more!🧀 Sleep more!🛌  Don’t wait till you become my height😑 Hope I can still see you guys next time! I will miss you guys! And today we finally announced my gift to Go Fridge! Go Fridge’s theme song!🎼 And I am also very happy to get number 1!️From before I wanted to compose a song for Go Fridge. I finally got this chance!️ I hope that you guys who listen to my song can take care of your body! Hope everyone knows the importance of ‘health comes first’! Everyone stay happy and healthy!

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