170421 BamBam and Jackson update SNS




New video soon😉



What are you doing? I just ended work~ 🎤I should go home and wash up now~ 🛁🚿🛀After washing up, I shall get onto the bed and sleep 🛌 Once I get up I’ll meet you guys again! 😘  So~~~~ nice ❤️Get some rest quickly! You’ve worked hard today! muah !


All of you who belong to me. What are you doing? I just ended! 🎤Heading back to the hotel,when I do, I’ll wash up till I am clean🛁🛀🚿 After I am done showering I’ll sleep!🛌After I get up the next day I’ll meet you guys again!So~~~high😘!Alright~ get some rest quickly❤️!it’s been hard on you today!❤️ *kisses*


What chu up to? I’m done for today! 🎤Imma head back and take a hot shower, 🛁🛀🚿and head straight to bed. 🛌And wake up the next day to meet you guys again! NI~~~~~CE 😘alright no more talking !! ❤️Take a good rest! Muah!


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