170416 Youngjae pays respect to Sewol victims


#0416 πŸŽ—Β It is said, “The meaning of hope is in the color yellow, there is no meaning attached to the shape; and the most important of it all, is how I see it as honoring the deceased.”


Note: Youngjae uploaded this photo at 3AM this morning, with only the text ‘#0416 πŸŽ—’ however he began receiving comments about how he should not be using a ribbon with jagged ends. Ribbons with jagged ends have been used by people in the Ilbe community (a group of conservative activists who place pride on freedom of speech and post insensitive comments with regards to tragedies and death), with several additional modifications to the more commonly used yellow ribbons. Furthermore, the yellow ribbons used by the Ilbe community is not meant as remembrance of the victims, but instead to celebrate the tragedy.

A while after he uploaded the photo, Youngjae edited his post to include the quote above, to show that he is truly paying his respects to the deceased.

Please note that last year, in remembrance of the victims, Youngjae too posted two posts on IG (here and here) and on a fansign held on the same day, he drew a ribbon for all the fans who attended the fansign (here). As this is a sensitive issue, and may put Youngjae’s pure intention in a different light, please take out this note as well in case you are translating to a different language. If you would not translate to a different language, please do not take out this post and merely link people here. Thank you.