170328 Jackson becomes the spokesman for Pepsi China


#0328 Happy birthday Wang Jia Er# Wishing this highly cute and warmhearted boy a happy birthday! From today onwards, GaGa who has the identities of an athlete, singer, host and someone who’s capable of languages will have another new identity! That is pepsi’s fashion idol! Welcome Jia Er to the pepsi family! For his birthday this time pepsi specially prepared this year’s totally new and upgraded EMOJI limited edition gift box,@Wang jia er waiting for you to #pepsi now#

Jackson’s reply to this post:

Thank you! My pepsi family! Another year older! Haha hold on I am thirsty, let’s talk after I drink pepsi.

Jackson’s weibo post quoting this post:

All of you who belong to me! This time there is still another good news for my birthday! Me, Wang Jia Er is officially a part of @pepsi china, that I’ve drank since I was young! Very honoured to be able to join the pepsi family!️😎  Thank you pepsi for the birthday present~ pepsi’s EMOJI limited edition gift box Wait for me to be back to get the gift  #pepsi now##wang jia er##pepsi cola##pepsi spokesman#


Source: @Pepsi China Weibo