170328 Go Fridge family members wishes Jackson a happy birthday


He Jiong: 

Happy birthday Jia Jia! I know asking you to rest and take care of your body will be wasted words, you are too busy every day. But saying it as a blessing is fine right? Jia Jia, rest well and take care of your body! Happy birthday! @Wang Jia Er #Wang jia er happy birthday##we are coming back##go fridge family##what present do you want, tell me#

Hu Sha Sha Apple:

Wishing our little brother @Wang Jia Er a happy birthday, health and happiness! The Go Fridge family hyungs and noonas will always watch over you![心][蛋糕][太阳] ​​​​

Huang Yan Vinny:

@wang jia er @tencent go fridge #go fridge family# Our cute Jackson is a year smaller, happy birthday! Go fridge family always loves you~ the improved cheese king is already ready!

Liu Kai Le:

Today is a good day.⭐️ Wishing my good little brother @Wang Jia Er Happy birthday, health is the most important. Most importantly get more and more popular, so popular that it’s too hot.️ The most doted little brother of our Go Fridge family, Le hyung will always support you and always love you.

An Xian Min:

Wishing our little brother @Wang Jia Er a happy birthday, health and be happy everyday. We always love you. ​​​​

Yang Wei Tao: 

@wang jia er wishing Jackson who got a year younger a happy birthday! stay happy forever! so handsome people can’t resist! @go fridge #go fridge family##wang jia er 0328 happy birthday#

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