170327 Fan’s: Jinyoung assures everyone not to worry 


Everyone^^ I heard that everyone is sad because of what I said at the fansign so I came running here!! About Twitter, I’ve not used it for far too long so I think it would be better for me to delete it; I said it that way! I won’t be deleting Instagram~~^^ Don’t worry!!!! I did think that everyone would find it regretful but I didn’t know it would be this much!! ㅜ Don’t worry everyone!!


Context: During GOT7’s Gangnam fansign held on the 27th March, a fan posted that Jinyoung said he would be deleting his Twitter and Instagram because he feels like communicating through the Fan’s portal is enough. He also said he would use the Fan’s portal often. Upon hearing the news, fans were upset as both platforms contain lots of memories, especially with Twitter backdating to JJP days. Jinyoung then went on to post on Fan’s addressing the issue as soon as the fansign was over.