170317 GOT7 “Last album of the series, hope we can satisfy the fans and make them happy”



GOT7 has returned.

GOT7, who returned on the 13th with their new mini album ‘FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL’ had a photoshoot and interview in the April issue of W KOREA.

Following the group photoshoot, Mark said during their individuals interview, “We’re anticipating the fans’ reaction and we’re nervous too. In a trilogy, this is the last one in the series so we have to finish it off well but more so than anyone else, I hope we get to satisfy the fans and make them happy.” When asked about the promotion cycle’s goal, JB said, “Although results are important, I hope we get to finish up this promotion safely; I think just that alone would satisfy me,” and he added, “It’s important that I fee great or proud. I want to keep going without losing that feeling.”

In the final mini-album of the Flight Log series, GOT7 are attracting attention with all the members participating in the composing/writing of the songs. Youngjae, whom personally wrote and composed for ‘Sign’ said, “As I thought of each and every one’s voice, I made their parts in a way that would suit them best; I added words that are commonly used in the raps and I distributed it to the member that matches it.” He also added, “I think it would be even better if you’d listen to it while focusing how it brings out each of their charm.” When asked his goal as GOT7, Jinyoung said, “I hope song(s) made by the member(s) would be chosen as our title song. I think it would be cool if we becomes writers that would be able to create a work that showcases our intention and thoughts.”

More information on how GOT7 spend their time, talks about the new album and the photoshoot will be published in W KOREA that is set to be released on the 20th. In addition, a making video will be released through the official website and social media channels.


Source: Sports Chosun