170306 “2PM advised the GOT7 members to talk a lot amongst ourselves”


GOT7 Jinyoung showed his respect for sunbae group 2PM.

GOT7, the group that Park Jinyoung belongs to, is under JYP Entertainment. Through his confidence in JYP and its head, Park Jinyoung, he started his trainee life and dreamt of being a singer.

Park Jinyoung said, “The company ‘JYP’ seems very real (true). Park Jinyoung PDnim too. A person is bound to have his/her own flaws, right? However it’s amazing how PDnim works on changing himself. He’s an owner of a company but I think he’s amazing.”

He added, “The PDnim I saw when I was a trainee and the PDnim as he is now, is different. It seems like he’s always working on changing himself.”

Park Jinyoung who started his trainee life at a young age started his life in the society earlier than usual.

He said, “Not just for idols but in the society too, you put up with things in order not to harm other people. It’s the same for us. However for groups, the company is the one choosing the members. Even if you don’t know each other well, you can be put together to form a team. Especially when you put young men together, we would definitely fight with one another. I think we (GOT7) were able to have a strong relationship with one another because we were like that,” showing affection as he spoke about his members.

Senior group 2PM are nearing their 10th year of promotions. 2PM are maintaining their unchanging friendship even as they go through solo and group promotions.

Park Jinyoung said, “The 2PM subaenim members advised us to talk a lot amongst ourselves. Especially Taecyeon hyung and Wooyoung hyung told us to talk to each other a lot. Because our sunbaes are like that, there was no way we could have gone astray. Thanks to that, even when we members fight amongst ourselves, we clear it up quickly.”

As a public figure, be it as an idol or an actor, one has an impact on the society. This could have been a kind of restriction for them (on their lives) but Park Jinyoung is a deep (thoughtful) person who knows how to appreciate.

“Because I’m human myself, there are many instances where I would like to go against (the flow?), there are also times when it’s hard and I would like to just collapse. However, the fans too have it hard but they like us. If I get tired (weary), it seems like I might influence the fans. I like books. The fans (follow) read the books I’ve read. When I see that, I think that their parents would probably like it and I think influences that could allow them to be complimented on is a good thing.”

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Source: Asia Globe