170302 Park Jinyoung “I rate my acting 4.5 out of 10”


Idol group member Park Jinyoung (23) took on the lead role in his first movie. He has acted in several projects but being the lead role in his first movie, he has a different attachment to it.

The movie ‘Nunbal’ in which Park Jinyoung was the lead is a heart breaking movie about a boy, Minshik, who moves to a village that does not snow and meets girl, Yejoo, whose heart has been frozen. It premiered on 1st March.

“It was my first movie so I filmed with with a nervous heart,” and added that he was thankful.

“It’s the director’s debut project and it’s also Jiwoo-ssi’s first lead in a movie. So I was even more nervous. Still, more than it being nerve-wrecking, the filming site was enjoyable. It was refreshing and the director and the actors grew a strong friendship.”

In this project, he took on the role of Jo Minshik, a transfer student from Gyeonggido Suwon who moved to his father’s hometown Gyeongnam Goseong. Minshik unknowingly offered his hand to Yejoo, a girl who lives life coldly after being unfairly accused of being a ‘murderer’s daughter’. Park Jinyoung and Jiwoo led the movie as a tranquil project.

Park Jinyoung who showed his emotions at the injustice surrounding him showed a high level of immersion into the movie. Actor Park Jinyoung did not have many lines so his true worth is hard to determine but his expressions and the way he conveyed his emotions were better than expected. He was embarrassed hearing the compliment.

“As an actor, I want to build up slowly. I’m not in a rush. I can’t even act yet appearing (as lead) in a project, there is a possibility of the viewers going ‘What is he doing?’. I don’t want to receive that kind of response so I will act without being greedy.”

There is a reason in which Park Jinyoung whom did not want to be greedy picked this project instead of commercial films.

“I thought of acting in a role that didn’t have much force (more tranquil). In the midst of that, the company was given the script for ‘Nunbal’. As I read the script, I wanted to do it. Feels like I could do a role that didn’t have force. Since the character is calm.”

Although the preffix ‘acting-dol’ would not be awkward when attached to his name, he is stern with himself, saying there is still much more he needs to learn. Therefore, with each project he does, he exchanges a lot of conversation with the director.

“I’m the type to listen to a lot of the director’s advices during filming. Of course I do consult with my acting coach as well and learn on how I should be acting. There are many idols who act but I’ve not heard any advices from them. There is also Suzy-ssi who is from the same company but we don’t talk about acting, we just ask each other how the other has been.”

Park Jinyoung does not only want to do GOT7 activities but he also would like to be acknowledged as an actor. He has a unique attachment to acting. When asked if he has a role model of someone like himself who started of as an idol and continued into acting, he said, “There are many people but I want to be like Shinhwa Eric sunbaenim.”

“Eric sunbaenim has been promoting for a long time as an actor and also as a singer (Shinhwa). He’s really doing both (acting and singing) slowly for a long time. When I look at that, I think building up slowly is good. Shinhwa too has been promoting for a long time. I want to be like that too.”

Park Jinyoung who shows a lot of affection in acting expressed his listless character naturally. When asked about his secret to that, he said that it (the character) overlapped with his real self a lot.

“When I looked at Minshik, memories of my trainee period resurfaces. I too moved to Seoul from my hometown by myself and started my trainee period. I don’t have many friends and I was feeling out of place from the change in environment. In the movie, the weak students are picked on by others in the class, and I’ve seen those scenes for myself when I was a student. I was similar to Minshik in those aspects so I acted with those emotions. When I was a student in real life, I’ve told friends* like that to not behave in that way.”

In the movie, Minshik offered his hand to his classmate, Yejoo, who was being bullied in class. It was an ambiguous intersection of curiosity and compassion. Park Jinyoung said it was “sympathy”.

“Minshik came over after some incident in Suwon and as he was feeling a sense of guilt, he saw what was happening to Yejoo and felt a strong sense of justice come up within him. Therefore, I feel it’s sympathy. I don’t think it’s compassion.”

When talking about Jiwoo (as herself) on real life, he was in awe.

“Acting with Jiwoo is a truly good experience. She has experience in acting and therefore it became a lot of help. Jiwoo studied right up till it’s her time to film. When I see that side of her, it made me want to work (even) harder in acting.”

Park Jinyoung whom acted with utmost passion suffered an unforeseen injury during filming. He was injured during a scene where he was being beaten up by his classmates.

“It’s not a huge injury. It was during the scene where I was being beaten up; I cut my bottom on a piece of broken glass. They sewed up the wound and it hurt. Many people worried about me while on set and that in turn made me feel sorry instead. A while later, after it became better, I (continued) filming. I was excitedly being beaten up so I had more confidence in doing better when being beaten up next time. However, I don’t want to be beaten up again. Hahaha.”

Park Jinyoung also revealed of GOT7 member Yugyeom being exceptionally happy about the scene where he was being beaten up.

“Maknae (Yugyeom) watched the movie and sent a text ‘You worked hard’. He then added, “Hyung, the part where you were beaten up was really fun.” So I told him thank you. I’m actually the type to nag the members a lot. So when I was beaten up in the movie and then went on to apologize, they liked seeing that side of me. Especially for the maknae. If I do end up in a project with the maknae, I want to have the role where I’m beating him up.”

Although he suffered an injury, Park Jinyoung who played out the scene convincingly said, “As a guy, I want to try out a rough action (movie?).”

“I think for guys, wouldn’t you want to try out a rough action scene. Also (in addition to) using my body, I’d like to try a role in a thriller, psychological work. I really want to greet (the viewers and fans) through that kind of role.”

For Park Jinyoung who took on his first movie role as a lead, he is still shy/ashamed of his acting. Even so, he is still passionate when talking about acting.

“If I’m talking about this project, the satisfaction when it comes to my acting is 4.5 points out of 10. I thought I could watch myself as a viewer but I can’t. I’m ashamed. Only the weird things come to view. I’m satisfied only a little, and I think I have a long way to go. I will study more and I have to learn more. I have to work even harder.”




Note: Jinyoung used the word ‘friends’ to describe the bullies he has come across in real life but the use of ‘friends’ in Korean does not necessarily mean friends as it does in English, but rather it’s used to refer to someone of the same age, or someone younger when it is used by older people.


Source: StarNews