170301 Beer from GET7 details encounter with JB


I have a good story I would like to share 😊 From the experience in which Get7coverGOT7 had an opportunity to take part in the filming of EST CF

For this work Get7 had the role of being Pre-light (testing lighting levels in place of GOT7 so they are not overly tired or overexposed to sunlight) which I had the role of Pijabom hehe my biasssss. And this is my second time doing this. I’m really really happy. From having followed him all along and now he’s standing here looking at me. JB is really cute. My heart  was fluttering and I’m a guy hahahaha. When he smiles or when he looks at me, I’m like shaking. He likes to make quirky(?) faces. And in our meeting this time we just had casual conversations:
Def asked me if I was Korean. I answered that I am not (in Korean)
And he replied with woooowww you lookkkkk like Korean (he really dragged the word look because I think he was thinking of words in English hahaha)
And everytime they walk into the set to switch with us. Pijabom always walked in smiling. And he would hold my hand. The last time he reached over and held my waist. Screeammms I wanted to fall to the ground kicking and screaming (hey what is this ur a man)
And before we took the photo I walked towards him and called out “Jaebum-ahh”. He turned towards me and smiled. And we took the photo. I was really shy and really happy.
Generally speaking GOT7 as a whole is a really really lovely group. They were always playful and alert. But when it came time to work they were very focused. The way that GOT7 is so natural is what makes them charming :))
PS. I’ll say the same thing again. Ahgases you really are not loving the wrong people. Please support GOT7 for a long time
PS2. Please support our little group too Get7coverGOT7. We promise to do our best and will update if there is anything.
From a baby bird ahgase 🙂
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Note: Pijabom is a nickname the Thai ahgases call JB. This stems from P’Jaebum (meant as Jaebum hyung or Jaebum oppa) but when said quickly, it sounds like Pijabom.

Source: Boonyarit Sangsavang