170228 Jiwoo “EXO Suho→GOT7 Jinyoung.. What did you do in your past life”



The photoshoot of the two leads for ‘Nunbal’, GOT7 Jinyoung and Jiwoo has been released.

The photoshoot Park Jinyoung and Jiwoo had for star style magazine ‘HIGH CUT’ was filled with them looking fresh and innocent. Unlike their movie which deal with cold, painful subjects, the photoshoot proceeded in spring-like cozy and warm mood. The two actors were in vintage colors and bright stirpes, showing off comfortable friendly looks, akin to other couple looks.

‘Nunbal’ that is premiering on 1st March, is a story of Minshik, a boy who moved to a village where it does not snow, and meets Yejoo, a girl whose heart has frozen. Through sympathy and loniless, they each thaw their hearts that have been wounded, and it is a story of two high school students who fight the merciless society’s view of them.

‘Nunbal’ is Park Jinyoung’s movie debut. He said, “For Jiwoo-ssi, her first filming for Nunbal started on the first day of her turning 20 (1st Jan 2016), and it’s also my first ever movie. It’s also the director’s debut project. The year’s first day, and everything was a fond start to us; it feels like fate.”

Jiwoo filmed ‘Nunbal’ with GOT7 Park Jinyoung and she also filmed ‘The Universe’s Star’ with EXO Suho (Kim Jumyeon). When mentioned about that and asked if there was a buzz about it by the people around her, she said, “My friends were envious and asked what exactly did I do in my past life.” On the topic of her acting alongside Jinyoung, she mentioned, “Jinyoung oppa was really precious at the filming site, he was truly like a vitamin. When I look at oppa’s attitude towards the work (movie), I learn a lot and it made me reflect too.”

For Park Jinyoung, as he acted as Minshik, memories of him being a first year high school student came up. He said, “Up till my third year of middle school, I lived in Jinhae; as I started my trainee life, I came up (to Seoul) in my first year of high school in 2010. I had to blend in with the people I didn’t know and I didn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side so I laughed along but since I barely knew anything (that was going on), it was a turmoil for me inside. When I see the Minshik in the script like that, it truly hit home for me and I think that’s when I started identifying with Minshik.”

Omitted parts not related to Jinyoung.

HIGH CUT issue 193 that will feature Park Jinyoung and Jiwoo will be released on 2nd March.



Source: OSEN