170228 Jackson, Youngjae and BamBam update SNS




Our ahgases have worked hard today too ❤️

You should be sleeping now right?😴

I just came back from my schedule (cries) I just arrived at my hotel and I am going to sleep! I’ll see you in your dreams!😘


My dear ahgases! ❤️ are you asleep? 😴 I just ended my schedule and I am going back to rest! Go to sleep soon! See you in your dreams!😘


Good job today! ❤️Haha are you guys asleep? 😴I just finished my schedule for today! On my way home to sleep! 🛌Guess I’ll see you in my dream! LOL 😘


#jacksonwang #wang jia er #jackson #ahgases sleep well #ahgases I’ll see you in your dreams #dream of me only


All of you who belong to me!️❤️

You’ve worked hard today too!😘

Are you sleeping?😴

I just ended my schedule, going back to sleep now!🛌

Go to sleep go to sleep️

I’ll see you tomorrow morning! See you in your dreams!

You can only dream of me 

#wang jia er#all of you who belong to me#see you in your dreams#




First selca with Gumiho😘

Home Sweet Home


Thankyou very much to all ahgases for today

The weather was hot. You waited for hours you must be tired

Once you get home, hurry and shower and get rest

Love you❤️

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