170226 Jackson writes a thoughtful note on Weibo to the fans



All of you who belong to me

It was so late last night but you guys still came to the airport

To send me off for my flight from Beijing to Changsha

Waiting for me when I arrived

I am afraid you guys can’t even sleep😴

And also afraid that you have no energy on the next day

And one of you who belong to me also sprained your legyesterday

You must be careful next time

I don’t want to see this kind of thing happen again

My heart hurts😫

And I really can’t bear to see you guys get scolded by others at the airport…

Although every time I see you guys with my Wang sign I am very touched,

Even though it’s not a happy day for me that day

Very tiring day, seeing all of you who belong to me and my Wang sign.

It’s more precious than anything, more comforting than anything.

I also really hope that you guys can think about yourself too

Because you guys are very precious to me, very important

Listen to my words

Love you guys, all of you who belong to me

#wang jia er#all of you who belong to me#treasure yourself is also treasuring others