170128 Jackson’s New Years Greeting on Weibo


#Golden Rooster New Year’s Greeting# ❤️😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️

Hope that all of you who belong to me <– know who I’m talking about right? 😏

Eat well 🍚 ,

Live well 🏡 ,

Sleep well 🛏 ,

Drink well 🍼 ,

Walk well 👣,

Run well 👞,

Laugh well😆,

Cry well 😥 (…better don’t cry😔),

Play well😜 ,

Love well❤️ (….. meaning is that to the people you love, love them smoothly/well)

Hold well ✋🏻 (I’m talking about my hand😚)


Family is well 🇨🇳

Everything be well, love you guys 😍

#Wang Jia Er##MiaoPai New Year’s Greeting##All of you that belong to me#Everything is well#

Video Translation:

To all the Miao Pai viewers, hi I’m Wang Ji Er. 2017, hope everyone’s bodies are healthy because I think nothing is more important than your body. In this new year, I will give everyone more surprises and most importantly, stop asking who I am! I am Wang Jia Er.