170128 Jackson’s PR manager posts about the gifts Jackson got for her



In 2016, what my little brother and I felt was definitely a challenge we have never felt before. We experienced the good together, as well as the bad, and also suffered the pain/hurt brought by slander and rumours for no reason. I have known him for about a little more than two years, he is the first member I met, as well as the only member, and at the same time he is also a boy that has completely impressed me with his character.

I have posted this picture before, but someone told me to distance myself from him, so I deleted it. I post it today for you guys to use as photoshop material.

I have never liked anyone born after 1990, but my little brother, he is really worth it.

The first gift my little brother gave me, what a “straight boy cancer”, a brown wallet, I really wanted to throw up blood. But then two months later, he gave me a new year present, saying “Noona, you don’t like that one right? Use this one.”

Little brother, I love you, forever.

Note: Straight boy cancer means when a guy only think about his own preference and doesn’t consider the girl’s preference.

Source: @女王Tare