170128 Jackson, BamBam and Youngjae update SNS


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All of you that belong to me, happy new year!!! In a new year! The year of the chicken
Stay healthy and happy!️Nothing else is important, the most important thing is your body! Don’t give up on your sleep just to snatch the sofa😤 the front row isn’t that important! A few rows back is also okay
Must have a balanced diet and sleep as long as you can! Drink more water 😙!And you must do the things you like! Do the things that make you happy!!
If you like it then you will definitely do it very well!
I miss you guys a lot
#Happy New Year##Be happy##Miss you guys##Wang Jia Er##All of you that belong to me##Stay healthy##Rooster Year#

Note: Snatching the sofa means being the first to comment.


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Happy New Year !!! Be healthy always!! The most important thing is you’re happy every day!! I really miss all of you !!


Happy New Year to all of you who belong to me!!!In the new year, Year of the Rooser!😍
Wishing you good health, and happiness!☺️Nothing else matters more than your health!
Missing you all😘


Happy new year !! Stay healthy !! And be happy everyday!! Miss you all!!! ❤️❤️


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Ahgases~ Happy New Year!💚


Release an album, Yamin hyung



Chicago !! The passion you guys had😄 , it was soooooooooooo unforgettable !! I will never forget it! ❤️Thank you so much for coming, it was an honor to have you guys😔❤️❤️


Chicago !! I won’t be able to forget all of your passion !! I’m truly thankful and honored that you came to our show 😔❤️❤️


Chicago !! Can never forget your enthusiasm!Thankful that you guys can make it to our show!Thank you all!😔❤️❤️


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