170126 Idols that suit the hanbok (Jinyoung)


Tomorrow, the holiday for the Lunar New Year begins.  As much as it is a holiday celebrated by the masses, the first thing we would prepare would be our traditional outfit, the hanbok. Idol stars become the subject of conversation when they are decked beautifully in hanboks ahead of the Lunar New Year. We picked 6 idols who suit the hanbok.

#6 GOT7 Jinyoung


Jinyoung, whom appeared as the younger version of Lee Minho’s role in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ used a pastel saekdong jeogori (a type of hanbok) akin to the soft spring;  completing an elegant refreshing flower young lad look. With his thick eyebrows and single eye-lids, it is a perfect combination with the hanbok , conveying the hanbok‘s delicate color. The subdued bluish green made his small face even smaller, a work of God.


Source: Zenith News