161230 NewsAde’s choice for 17 rookies that will hit it big in 2017 (Jinyoung)


We are ‘sensing’ it. Like the forces of the universe gathering, these are the future stars in which we felt the energy of them being the trend! NewsAde’s reporters who have good sense and are quick went around the entertainment industry and with a good ‘feel’, picked out 17 people  who would swallow 2017. They have good skills and overflowing charms; these are the future stars who are waiting for the right ‘time’. Let’s meet them first.

NewsAde reporters broke them into three main categories: movie, broadcast (inclusive of variety), music and 3-5 people were chosen. The top 17 rookies with the most votes made the list. Why 17? That’s right. Because it’s 2017.


11. Park Jinyoung (#NotThatJYP #GOT7 #Visual)

GOT7’s member, Park Jinyoung, appeared in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ as Lee Minho’s younger self. With his outstanding looks as his weaponry, he is slowly grabbing his spot as an acting-dol!

Kang Hyojin reporter – He’s really good looking and he acts well. As long as he picks a good role in the future, wouldn’t he be rising as an actor-dol.

Moon Jiyeon reporter – Acting skills that is stable and good gaze. There are stories in his eyes. (Be cautious of ulterior moves)*


Note: The ‘warning’ that came after Moon Jiyeon’s input is to probably insinuate that she is a fan.


Source: NewsAde