161224 Sophia Wang posts a picture of Jackson when he was younger



It seems that I already knew – from 20 years ago😜that I was going to wish all of you here:
Merry Christmas🎄&🎁 Happy New Year !!! ❤
Where have you been these 20 years??
Have you been well these 20 years?? ❤
Perhaps we have already had many brief encounters in this vast sea of people…
Perhaps I’ve been to places all of you have been to in this boundless universe…

20 years after, we’ve met❤acquainted❤and got to know each other well!
20 years after, we’ve cherished❤protected❤nd accompanied each other!
Thank you! Thank you for this fate! ❤️Love you all❤! ❤


It was 20 years before that I have already known that I will say to all of you today, “Merry Christmas 🎄and 🎁 Happy New Year !!!” Where were you over this 20 years, in this world???
How well were you over this 20 years, as living all right??? We might have passed by in this large crowd for many times …
I might have been to those places in this world that you have been there before… We are able to meet, agree and know each other, with 20 years later today…
We are able to cherish, keep touch and accompanied each other, with 20 years later today… Thanks so much for your love and thanks for this fate!!! Love ❤you so much too ❤!!!


Source: @sophiawang328